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free quote-5-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more


Talking about a contemporary kitchen and bathroom may mean different things to different people. There are those who will consider a neat bold appearance while others will go for simple geometric designs [kitchen and bath remodelers costa mesa]. The focal point is comfort while attending your delicacies. Many homeowners are looking for every model to attract the attention of every viewer. With that, they look at the different color themes right from sky blue, maroon red to gold or cream.

Every homeowner has a picture on the mind of that quintessential kitchen, and therefore there is no need to keeping on reminding your designers. We Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services agency, we are the real-time solution to every kitchen design and remodeling needs. The long-term experience our team has earned in serving a vast number of clients in all kitchen and bathroom designs is a true testimony you can never doubt. Indeed, we are the best countrywide. 

Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

We are a certified remodeling firm dealing with a spectrum of services both interior and exterior kitchen remodeling. Such services include;

Interior Restaurant Remodeling

We understand why many homeowners need a modern kitchen and a bathroom, and it is because they need to attract every visitor to come another day. For this reason, we have specialized in countertops and surfaces. Every piece of classy and luxury countertops must have originated from us because we are the art gurus. The stress in which many people encounter while handling different surfaces can only be solved by handling having a hard and non-absorbing surface.

Our team knows how to match the color of your kitchen walls and the marble or the quartz surface. We may consider choosing a glass surface for your countertop if you have a commercial kitchen where juices and soup pour during large congregation gatherings. If your floor is aged and does not match with your countertops, we consider remodeling to give it a granite or tile floor. We never disappoint with our art; we deliver accordingly.

Every sink either in the bathroom requires a better surface that does not hold back detergents, soup, juices, or stained water whenever one is washing utensils or hands after brushing. We know the right material which does not siphon such fluids and leave your surfaces stained or look like as if it has been abandoned. Depending on your choice and some piece of advice from us, we can have your kitchen with A tumbled marble, a stainless steel backsplash panel. We hate color clashing, so our expert may decide to give your or travertine backsplash panel which will mimic the wall theme, countertops, and furniture.

Not every floor can withstand mass traffic without cracking. So, we consider a lot of factors such as the number of people who will be accommodated in the kitchen to decide on your floor tile. We are not limited to floor ideas because we are the floor expert; thus we can have a stone floor as well.

The beauty of a sink does not come from sophisticated materials used but the simpler ones which are knit in extreme expertise. Depending on your choice, we always choose to give the best sinks either made of composite, vessel shape. The color and also the design will vary due to factors. One, if your family is young and has some toddlers, we may give you a bar of gold-like sink color, but if it has grown up, we may opt for pure white. This is because of the higher levels of cleanliness [kitchen and bath remodeling costa mesa] required to maintain such sinks. Secondly, the material which is made of requires sober management and handling due to how delicate they are.


Sink knobs are another area of our specialization. We consider the style of the sink and also the pressure exerted on them when being handled.  With the vast experience in repairing and replacing sink knobs, we chose for you the one which is classy and comfortable to handle. This can be a push system knob or a simple tap but durable.  For the case of taps, different materials are used to make taps and react differently to hard water. Our competent team looks into the way to minimize the repair needed when the taps clog due to scam built up due to hard water. We recommend stainless steel which does not corrode or hold back deposits of hard water.

Cabinets are always the center of everything as far as kitchen designs are concerned. An exquisite cabinet is how compatible it is with your needs. This means that we may choose to settle for custom cabinets, marsh furniture, or Tedd wood design depending on our customer needs. Indeed, we advise on designs, styles, and materials ideal for cabinets but we don’t dictate the appropriate choice for your home. If you consider durability than any other thing, we may consider giving you a stainless steel drawer for your cabinet. Concerning comfortability and suitability [kitchen remodel costa mesa ca] of such drawers, we may opt for soft-close features such as decorative knobs and high-end hinges. On top of the style and features, we cannot isolate the finishing and the paint for your drawers. Color themes for the cabinets define the level of expertise a contractor has. With Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services, we give a broad range choice color themes ranging from exotic veneers to high gloss varnish to provide you with what is equivalent to your personality.

Kitchen and bathroom windows and doors are something few designers throw it overboard, but for us, it is our primary concern. Aeration in the bathroom is essential and that is why we may consider giving a single hung or double hung window depending on the size of your bathroom. Such windows fit correctly with high-impact glass. We prefer glossy or grey painting especially on your bathroom coupled with a stainless door with a backsplash panel to avoid stains from detergents.

Lighting is what draws people to such restaurants. Therefore we maximize our efforts on fitting the high notch and trendy lighting system. This range is not limited to recessed, pendant, accent, under the cabinet to general light depending on the design and the demand for light in your stylish kitchen [kitchen remodel contractor costa mesa ca]. For the modern kitchens, islands is a common phenomenon, and so we may concentrate light to such island to avoid straining when preparing or having the meal. For the old kitchen which needs to cope up with the contemporary kitchen styles, we remodel not only the floor and the wall but also entire accessories, cabinets to countertops.

An ideal modern kitchen should be one of its kind concerning the remodeling design of appliances. With Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services designs and expertise, all that you require is fitted at a proximal distance. Talk of charging stations, roll-out, and spice drawers of all types, you will have them in your kitchen.

Exterior Remodeling

A bathroom is similar to a swimming pool where you need to relax and refresh your systems. We consider comfort during our remodeling process. Hence, we consider a spacious tub with reasonable depth. It is evident from previous clients that we install the shower [bathroom remodeling orange county] to match with the tub. Even the traditional bathroom, we remodel them and restore their lost comfort. Walk-in tubs are now a conventional design with the modern bathrooms, and therefore we consider the best model which welcomes you ‘to the place for you to relax.’ The shower is inclined at some level distance to avoid much splash and elongated pressure when the water is dropping. The tiles we utilize in such tubs, and walk-in tubs are soft enough to avoid any possible accident when one is nude.

We also convert your tub into a shower if you deem it important. This means we embark more on installing and remodeling the bathtub to a shower and giving it a new look, with an eco-friendly surrounding to console your systems when taking any bath. Nothing is left untouched when you contract Brevard Bath Remodeler right from top to bottom. The doors to windows will align themselves with your dream kitchen; also the shower enclosures and the spa tubs will sound the way you wished to have them.

Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services Solutions’ services are top-notch in the city, and we heed client’s instructions before we embark on serious remodeling exercises. You can never regret hiring us for your traditional kitchen or bath because we will turn it into a palace. We consider comfortability in every level of our remodeling. 

One of the best ways to enhance the value of your home is through kitchen and bath remodeling. You need a contractor like Costa Mesa Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services who will guarantee you top-quality services. Our desire is to make sure that you are getting highly functional and aesthetically appealing [kitchen & bath costa mesa] kitchens and bathrooms. Call us today and we will be more than willing to bring our services to your doorsteps. We have all it takes to work on any project irrespective of your location in the country. Our professionals will evaluate your needs and give you a free quotation before we embark on the task.